What are private label parts?

With private label components, products are conceived by you and produced/developed by us, after which you can market the products under your own branding. The product is fully developed according to your wished. There are many possibilities, such as customised decorative brackets or windshields, with your own colour, your own features and, of course, your company logo.


Why should you start a private label?

Our private label products are easy to link to your own scooter business/brand. Develop, together with our experts, a high quality product with which you can conquer new grounds within the scooter parts market. 

With production facilities located in Europe, you are assured of high quality. For example, our private label has a 30-year guarantee on discoloration. 30 year guarantee of discolouration.

How does it work?

You have an idea for a new scooter product but soon run into the problem of finding production facilities that meet European quality standards. Our experts on Private Label options are here to help you with this process. You discuss the idea with one of our experts to see what is possible and then we produce the product according to your wishes.

Why PePe Parts?

PePe Parts has been active in the scooter sector for decades. Together with our partners, we produce a wide range of private label products, as well as our own house brands DMP and Power1. We guarantee high European quality standards for a large proportion of our private label products. We can also support you in the design and logistics process, making it easier and faster for you to start your product line. 

How can i start?

Start submitting your own private label product today and one of our experts will contact you to discuss the possibilities. You can submit your entry using the contact form below. 


Developing, producing and supplying a windbreak
for a scooter model for which there was nothing on the market yet.

We have made a prototype for the fixings
and parallel drawn and produced a screen. After
We have made several changes to these, after agreeing
of the client, produced.

Making a carrier for on a scooter. On the carrier should
a "pizza case" to be mounted. But also
the fuel tank to remain accessible.

We have with a supplier, which produces a lot of OEM parts,
designed a carrier with a sliding system. It is attached by means of
a, one-handed button to unlock and lock.

We packaged them individually, and provided the references of
delivered to the customer. In this way, they can get the carriers back
easily send to end users.

*Please note, PePe Parts only does B2B sales